As XSkyDef, we are at the center of the Defence Industry for many years. We have been following the developing technology and changing defence strategies for many years and developing its R & D studies on these issues, understood the importance of drone technology early and directed its development accordingly.

Aiming to prevent the weakness of today’s defence methods against new technologies emerging with the development of technology, XSkyDef has taken a revolutionary step at this point and has succeeded in developing anti-drone devices, easy to use, stylish and as light as possible, yet effective.

XSkyDef, which sees the needs of the global market in a timely manner and constantly improves itself in line with these needs, continues to announce its new innovations to you, and at the same time, it constantly expands its team around the world.



President / Chairman / CFO


Vice President

Mustafa Avcı

Ramazan Ay


Kenan Yenilmez


Uğur Ürersoy


Gökhan Sarıcı

Salih Erpolat

Mine Güzeller

Halil Şahbaz

Web & Graphic Designer

Mani Sharbafan

Faruk Kırcaali

Cooperative Partners

Faisal Habash

MENA (Middle East - North Africa)

Prince Stefan Zu Bentheim Und Steinfurt

The Republic Of The Congo Respesentative